Who We Are

Moles Bellvert S.L. is a Spanish company located in Onil (Alicante), founded in 1996 although our professional career began much earlier as a sole proprietorship.

Since our very beginning we have dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of molds for rotational molding, adapting ourselves to the main industrial activity held in Onil at that time, namely, the manufacture of dolls. Later, we started building machinery and ovens on demand, as well as injection molds for a variety of sectors and industries such as the toy sector, the furniture and household industries, the food sector, the footwear sector, the automotive industry, etc.

In 1999, in order to offer an integral service to our costumers, we acquired injection machinery to manufacture the different plastic parts of molds which were ordered to us. Currently, we offer an integral service to our costumers, from mold and part design and manufacturing to its logistics.

The activities we carry out are mainly related to the transformation of thermoplastics and the design and manufacturing of molds for rotational molding, injection, zamak, blow molding and high vacuum. Other main activity we carry out, is the manufacturing of auxiliary machinery for [this sector].

We are also an innovative company which has collaborated with technological institutes, such as AIJU [Technological Institute for Children’s products and leisure], INESCOP [Footwear Technology Center], CEP [Spanish Center of Plastics] and ITENE, and also with universities such as the University of Alicante (UA) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), in order to develop new products and technologies.

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