En Moles Bellvert we are specialized in the production of molds and the transformation of plastics

We count with more than thirty years of experience in this sector, in which we have developed from product design to its commercialization


Design  and technical office

Our technical office counts with the latest CAD [computer-aided design] and CAM [Computer-Aided Manufacturing] technologies as well as a long experience in designing parts and injection molds, rotational molding, blow molding and high vacuum. We realize designs right from the very start or from a sketch or idea provided by the client, adapting it and advising him in order to optimize the mold and parts production.

Tooling  workshop

Our tooling workshop started its journey more than thirty years ago. In that time we have specialized ourselves in mold manufacturing, maintenance and reparation. Our activity has not been limited to this, however. The demand and industrial activity of our area has helped us to develop a great versatility in manufacturing any kind of auxiliary machinery.

Injection  molding

Our injection plant was built in 1999. Since then, we have worked for the toy sector, the footwear sector, the automotive sector, the food industry, the decoration industry, the construction sector,  the furniture and household industries…. In short, we have experience and capacity enough for manufacturing a large variety of parts for multiple sectors.

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